This area has been populated since early stone age. It has been found fishing hooks made from bone, flintstone tools and old settlements. You can also see an old "runestein" near to Vang church. Most of the old things found in the area can be seen in Valdres Folkemuseum in Fagernes. The area was during the last icetime, about 8000 years ago, covered by a nearly 1000 m thick glacier.
The first people came to the area as the glacier melted and decreased. The temperature increased and big forests covered the country about 5000 years ago where it was very good conditions for hunting and fishing. The people living here at that time were living in caves and primitive stonehouses. They also sterted production of iron here during the iron age. You can still se parts of this in Børrelia. It was built a kind of alarm systems during the time of the vikings consisting of open fires on central summits which could be seen by the inhabitants when the animies were arriving. Vardhovdtinden was such a alarm fireplace.
The christianity was lanced in the 11 century and many churches were built, Øye stavkirke. The Sct.Thomas Church was also such a church but was removed because of drinking and fighting. The church was rebuilt in about 1950.
We can give you information about the history of the area.

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